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We strive to exceed your needs

Home Instead Senior Care and our team of CAREGivers make the effort to understand and exceed the needs of every client and their families.

When these needs are altered, we are quick to tailor our services to ensure our clients are always satisfied and their families are confident that their loved ones receive the best personal home help, care and support they deserve.

Client testimonials

We asked some of our clients and their families to provide feedback on their experience in receiving services from Home Instead Senior Care in Sydney's Inner West & North Western Suburbs. Here is what they had to say:

Julie has been providing support- predominantly social support- to my elderly father Dr Richard Temple for the past eighteen months. She spends 90 minutes in the late afternoons, mostly Monday to Friday.

My father is now 94 and becoming frail though still mobile and he is increasingly disinclined to interact with his surroundings. He works best one on one. During this time Julie has been very interactive finding ways to connect with Richard and to relate to his areas of interest.

Many hours have been spent driving to the Ferry wharves in on the Parramatta river to watch the ferries and sailing boats as well as people alighting from their journeys. She has frequently taken him on the Concord punt on a round trip for a river outing. Together they have visited many local parks for walks - mostly in summer. Julie has made a small photograph album of Richard sitting watching the boats so he can look at it back in his rooms in the Twilight Village.

At other times she reads library books with Richard and discusses the contents of his many volumes of Photographs. She has brought puzzles to try and entice him and in parallel is careful to always ensure his little cat is fed and watered and takes him shopping for more cat food if our family is away.

Julie is always cheerful and kind, ve1y punctual and thoroughly reliable. She has lots of common sense and anticipates needs - all essential qualities for undertaking the challenging role of caring for the very elderly with respect and friendship.

Yours sincerely, Helen Temple Berry.

I am writing to thank you for sending such a wonderful carer to accompany my father to my daughter's wedding recently. When I realised how difficult it was going to be, given Dad's dementia, frailty and Incontinence, 1 almost decided that it was all too hard. Thankfully, Home Instead Senior Care sent David to us and Dad was able to attend the wedding. It was such a relief to all of us at a time when the family was so preoccupied. David attended to Dad's every need on the day which was not easy given the ceremony was in a park and the facilities were some distance away. I expected to have to keep one eye on Dad, but once I met David and observed his attentive and caring way with Dad, I had immediate peace of mind and was able of enjoy the rest of the day. We could not coax David into leaving Dad's side so he could join us for refreshments after the ceremony, so conscientious was he that he stayed with Dad at all times, yet discreetly managed to ensure he did not appear In family photos. If I had known about the David’s of this world, 1 may have put off placing Dad In residential for a bit longer.

My father is John Knapton and David visits him every week. I have always been particularly Impressed by the way David places such passion and energy into the care· he delivers to my father. From the onset he has formed part of a team with myself and my father and always reports back to me if he has any concerns regarding my father's health or wellbeing. Such Is the confidence and trust I place In David that I was delighted when Tracey sent me an email about his nomination for caregiver of the year. Because of his Interest and compassion, my father(who is partially deaf and has poor vision) eagerly looks forwards to his weekly visits which are made even more worthwhile because David uses his own time to read about the things that interest my father, who Is originally from England. As a result many engaging conversations materialise between the pair as they spend time exchanging tales about the old country. On a number of occasions David has brought books about the royal family and different areas In England. He does more than go the extra mile In his duties and is fine ambassador for Care Connect. David regularly accompanies my father on the outing organised by CareConnect and I am relaxed In the knowledge that David is completely dedicated to ensuring that my father Is safe and having an enjoyable experience. If this Is the calibre of individual that Is responsible for the care and comfort of aged people hi this country then Australia have much to celebrate because "a society's worth is reflected in the way it cares for Its most vulnerable members."

Kind regards, Christine Bainbridge

Whenever I require a male care giver for a new client, I immediately think of David. David has the most amazing rapport with people. It is evident that he doesn't just do It as a job – he does what he does because he is a caring person who gets great joy from making a difference In peoples. He goes out of his way to get to know my clients and what they like, bringing things to the service which will engage the clients' Interest. This is a common theme l hear from clients and families when I do reviews. We are fortunate that David attends our client outings. After the first outing and seeing David interact with the clients, we decided that we wanted David as a permanent member of our Leisure, Lifestyle and Wellbeing Group. The clients who attend may only see David once a month on these outings but they look forward to seeing David, with many asking "is David coming?" I can rely on David assisting us with male clients for personal care needs, mobility etc., as well as always asking me if there is anything else he can assist with. l believe David is a true example of a model CAREGiver.

Tracey McGuinness, Dementia Social Support and Western Sydney Respite Coordinator, CareConnect

I wanted to send an email to let you know how grateful I am that David attended our client outing to Auburn Botanical Gardens after finishing with Valentino. David truly makes a different in so many of our client’s lives with his down to earth caring nature. Our clients Neil Kirkpatrick and Petrus De Vries were so pleased to see David. I discussed David’s tremendous results he has with our clients to another client today who is finding her husband is not embracing service, so no doubt it won't be long until we can organise for David to start service with a new client.

Tracey McGuinness, Dementia Social Support and Western Sydney Respite Coordinator, CareConnect